Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I'm completely out of time for last half a Year or so taking over Virtual and Augmented Reality bastions of immersion and innovation as R&D Engineer and Developer and naturally I haven't forgotten about applied socialmedia use and my book about it.

It sounds a bit retro for nowadays' Web and today let's talk about StumbleUpon that was fashionable back in  the days and made way for modern Facebook timeline as it is I suppose.

Actually StumbleUpon was my first love and addiction with specialized socialmedia. I've told that it was Twitter to be the first and it's absolutely general.  StumbleUpon is addicting as sh*t, Tumblr and Pinterest are of pretty the same level and StumbleUpon is the real trap for the curious minds.

The power of the service is (was) in simplicity. There is the only Stumble button required to use there. There like, dislike, list and share and many more and You can spend several hours with the only one of them. The magic is in math inside the box. The system analyzes Your interests You've pre-filled and You latest likes and times to view stumbles and shows You relevant or/and connected content. In addition it makes the same based on Stumbler DNA kind of Your digital DNA, fingerprint, hash or whatever You want to call it: the array of percentage of Your stumbles and likes.

You may say it's the waste of time and nothing new in it and I remember the days when I was looking on search engine input form having no idea what to search for. It was Altavista, HotBot and Google finally and the problem remained. StumbleUpon managed to feed my curiosity. It's brilliant for education in my humble opinion. Learning should be interesting and this service can be considered learning system for sure.

Practically it's one of the best tools to drive initial paid and not paid traffic to Your resources. Free is good for proper content with no ads and paid is just good and look previous. Combined that techniques were extremely effective for free online games promotion. Be aware when Your post gets discovered You get unbelievable amount of immediate traffic at least in measures of 4-5 Years ago. We had 1000+ users a second and top of 400 on BSD servers %)

Everything evolves and evolution goes very fast on the Web. New media of mobile, higher general complicity for every service on the web including Twitter and Google Search, boards/grids/collections and newer socialmedia discovery and bookmarking services happened to StumbleUpon. AlexA of ~100 dropped to 400+ and honestly haven't stumbled for a Year or so but today %) It's kind of failed on different tech things or just got out of fashion mostly on spam phenomena. Now reading my feed on Facebook or Twitter I see the same algorithms behind it :)

Looks like we've got the history/retro/nostalgia section of socalmedia already and it's amazing - just  perfect for innovations :)

The next articles in the queue are about LinkedIn, Quora, Medium, Tumblr and Measuring of Social Media Effect.

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