Tuesday, December 22, 2015

AngelList + CrunchBase

I want to finish and publish my SMM book finally but I'm writing too rare to keep up to date with fast evolving social networks. So I've got idea to finalize articles on networks that I don't use for now anymore. Today's topic is the social networks for entrepreneurs, startup founders and investors. This article is about AngelList and CrunchBase.

I was looking for additional funding for our startup and learned how to use these relevant tools.


Angel.co is like a larger Kickstarter for companies. You are asking for founding and can be founded or even crowd but the smallest bid is $1000.

Even if You don't find Your funding here You'll learn how to write proper pitch docs while filling the forms with details on Your startup. In addition It helps to understand and fill traction data.

After this ordinary social magic begins: You are searching for people, getting introduced, collaborating or not. Here it's called to syndicate. You are teaming up with other people to get funded and share some funds with them. It's blogging platform for Your news and supporting/promoting platform for Your business. Administration is active and creative.

The thing stopped me from going further is that company must be in US or UK.

From one side this may sound obvious for people with economics or law education background, for me as tech person it was all new. From another side this funding mechanics and economic/business models are rather new.


CrunchBase is the graph of the modern tech industry. It consist of people naturally and by companies and ventures that they are involved. It makes the system of the same rank or even more complex than LinkedIn. I haven't seen premium LinkedIn account for the company that hiring so I can't tell for sure. Anyway it's really complicated with many to many connections and kind of slow.

It worth the efforts, such a model allows to find the connections and similarity not only by tag but by different types of connections. This way You can find a lot of data on competitor, their progress and funding. Also I think investor can find relevant people and ventures based on complex criteria like founders background or previous rounds of getting funded.

There is blogging/news system here like it's everywhere but mostly per-moderated. Also there is almost no notifications on social events here. At least I haven't received notifications about people started following me. I guess it's because of different user scenarios involved. The system leads You and helps to fill tons of info needed to be described about You and Your business so it must not be a problem to provide notifications.

As I've mentioned for the company it's really complex. You can provide info on funding rounds, acquisitions, products, sub organizations, competitors, memberships, customers and partners.

I didn't received results with funding and didn't go further with venture startup business and I think this kind of experience of tech, entrepreneurship and socialmedia from such an angle of view can be still helpful for those who jump into tech venture for the first time :)

I'm gong to cleanup topics on networks I'm not using any more like Stumbleupon or Tumblr
and planning to be back with practical results on LinkedIn pretty soon :)

+ Articles for SocialMedia Magic #Book are here and here Applied Social Magic #tag.

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