Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I'm completely out of time for last half a Year or so taking over Virtual and Augmented Reality bastions of immersion and innovation as R&D Engineer and Developer and naturally I haven't forgotten about applied socialmedia use and my book about it.

It sounds a bit retro for nowadays' Web and today let's talk about StumbleUpon that was fashionable back in  the days and made way for modern Facebook timeline as it is I suppose.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

AngelList + CrunchBase

I want to finish and publish my SMM book finally but I'm writing too rare to keep up to date with fast evolving social networks. So I've got idea to finalize articles on networks that I don't use for now anymore. Today's topic is the social networks for entrepreneurs, startup founders and investors. This article is about AngelList and CrunchBase.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

G+ is for Google Plus

Google Plus is one of the first social networks that I've jumped in from the very beginning. I mean it's rather new  June 28, 2011 according to Wikipedia.

From one side all of socialmedia mechanics were tested before it's launch, from the other the market was already divided and not too easy to jump in. Google went all in with soccialmedia madness and topped AlexA ranking thanks to G+.
G+ launched with several techniques that allowed mass growth natural and forced. The first were circle sharing and circle following: You were able to gather people by the criteria like #socialmedia for example then share them as a circle and another person could add them in bulk up to account following limits. The second were suggestions to join to G+ to all the Gmail accounts and conversion of YouTube and Blogger accounts to G+. It was unique ripples visualization that was pretty useful in watching and refining viral techniques. In addition Google made G+ pluses and posts matter much in the search and it's exploded :) SEO and SMM professionals started to use it powerful tool by hand and guess automated and broken ecosystem. I can't say the network has specific audience of webmasters and it's extremely effective in driving traffic to Google friendly resources still.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SMM is for SocialMedia Magic :)


I've reviewed the work done, contents and articles and decided that it's time to clean it up and release the book finally.

So here comes the blog @ relevant named domain and step by step migration of the content. The new content is going to appear here :)

Articles for SocialMedia Magic #Book are here and here Applied Social Magic #tag.

The next article is still about G+ I think :)  

Have an amazing day my friends :)